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 Policies & Objectives  

IMS Policy
A policy has been defined as follows & communicated to all concerned in the organisation at various function & levels. Awareness & understanding on the policy is generated within the organisation through a wide publicity & training.

We are committed to:

  1. Always satisfy our customers by providing and maintaining required quality product & service on time.
  2. Provide healthy & safe work place free from injury and ill health to all our associates.
  3. Prevent pollution through control of resource use & releases
  4. Comply all regulatory & other requirements related to quality, environment, health & safety.
  5. Make continual improvement in our quality, environment, health & safety performance through optimization of processes.

This shall be achieved with involvement of all the employees & periodical review by the management

IMS Objectives
Objectives are laid down and action plans to achieve these objectives are implemented at different levels & functions of the company through under the overall monitoring by the Management Repessantative. The objectives are revised, as required, for the purpose of continual improvements through management reviews the current objectives have been defined as follows:

  1. To enhance on time receipt of material form suppliers and reduce in process rejection of incoming raw materials.
  2. To improve production efficiency and reduce process rejection and wastes.
  3. To reduce energy consumption in overall plant operation.
  4. To monitor & control personal injury and ill health due to working conditions.

Training Policy
Our Policy is to provide and maintain all employees with skills, knowledge and understanding that will:

  • Place the company in a GLOBAL market position with sustainable competitive advantage.
  • Ensure that all employees operate effectively at all times, are increasingly action focused, and are fully aware of what is expected of them.
  • Foster a culture where "right" actions are carried out first time, and all employees remain cost and quality conscious.

The company will support the training of employees internally and also by external agents who can make a significant contribution to revealed needs. Where external agents are to be used, decisions will hinge upon :

  • The revealed need for such a response.
  • Cost-effectiveness.
  • Past performance of training providers, previous results and positive evaluations.

All training should have an impact upon job performance, but training remains only one of the many contributing factors to improved commercial results.

This training policy shall be implemented in line with training framework by qualified list of trainers